We believe learning happens everywhere. With immersive experiences in nature, full mentorship programs within WeWork, and opportunities to learn in different cities around the world, the whole planet is our classroom.

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For our first location in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, we partnered with Bjarke Ingels Group to create a beautiful indoor learning environment. The design starts from the premise of a school universe at the level of the child. A field of super-elliptic objects forms a learning landscape that’s dense and rational – yet free and fluid. Modular classrooms, tree houses and a vertical farm promote an inclusive and collaborative learning environment. Acoustic clouds, natural materials and neutral colors create a calm setting for the child’s focused study. Playful and transparent, yet homelike and structured, WeGrow nurtures the child’s education through introspection, exploration and discovery.

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In order to create a generation of conscious global citizens who care about the planet and respect the environment, students at WeGrow spend meaningful time engaging with the planet at our Earth Lab. Our New York students spend one day per week on Staten Island where they learn how to plant and harvest crops that they sell at a student run farmstand at WeWork.


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wework community


WeGrow students have the unique opportunity to connect with a myriad of mentors within the WeWork community. Through our mentorship programs, children learn from specialists across many industries in our master classes and one-on-one mentorships.



Global Community

No matter where you are in the world, WeGrow gives you access to hands-on project-based learning and support from local WeWork members. With plans for more locations coming soon, you’ll have the opportunity to live and learn around the world. We know there is no better classroom than the planet itself. Experiencing different cultures, languages and natural environments rocks!