We believe we are all students of life for life and that the whole wide world is our classroom.

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Founder of WEGROW and co-founder of the we company

Rebekah Neumann

Rebekah Neumann is the Founder of WeGrow and the Co-Founder of the We Company. She majored in Business and studied Buddhism at Cornell University, and has gained certification as a Jivamukti yoga teacher. Rebekah is committed to creating an educational community that fosters growth in humans' minds, bodies, and souls.  





Adam Braun

Adam Braun has been focused on improving education for students around the world for more than a decade. He began his career at Bain & Company working with the world's leading companies and organizations, and at age 24 went on to become the Founder & CEO of Pencils of Promise, the award-winning organization that has built more than 500 schools across Asia, Africa and Latin America serving over 100,000 students daily. He then turned his attention to US-based education as the Co-Founder & CEO of MissionU, an education institution that led him to WeGrow.


Head of school

Shane Goldstein Smith

Shane Goldstein Smith has previously served as the Chief Schools Officer at Hebrew Public in New York City, and has worked as a deputy chief of schools, principal, and teacher in the Chicago public school system. With over nineteen years experience in education, Shane is thrilled to be working with our families, students and staff this school year! She is married with three children and two dogs, and loves spending time with her family.



Executive Director of Early Childhood

Lorella Lamonaca

Lorella has been an educator for the past 30 years in both New York City and New York State Public Schools. In addition to being a classroom teacher, she has spoken at both national and international conferences on the Constructivism approach, Social-Constructivism, and the Reggio Emilia inspired educational philosophies. She is married, a mother of three boys, and loves traveling and spending time with her family.


hEAD OF engagement

Adam Amar


Lauren Nappi

Creative Expressions Manager

JuanMa Sanchez

Manager of We practice

Bonnie Levine



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